Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Boesh Environment - Visual Development

Helllllloooo everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, but I am proud to present the latest installation to my Vis Dev class and project. We were set out to make an environment of our worlds and had to create site maps and switch with other people. The site map i received was simple enough so from a list emailed to the class we had to pick 3 words that would describe our environment. I had Fantasy, Foggy , and.... F- Dark XD. I wanted to do an environment where my Boesh toad came from and what the people have to live in so I loved the words that i got,  so i set out with some simple thumbnails.

these began simple enough so after pitching them to the teacher I picked 3 of the best and moved to color studies.

After I had these set up I offered them up and together with my professor we both agreed that the middle one was best suited to what i was trying to pull off. Thus began the journey to the final.

Blowing up the image I began with a rough and loose drawing over the shapes, then cleaning the lines well enough to establish what I wanted.

After that i changed the color of the lines see what I drew so when I returned the layer under to it's original opacity, I could overlay and stay true to what I wanted.

Then I made a Color Layer and using the small color study I cleaned up the bigger drawing and laid down the base colors, adjusting the temperature and lighting.
Next, by using just the round brush I rendered EVERYTHING trying to capture what my brain was showing. But their was something I felt missing.

So i put down a new layer and played with my options on the layer, put on a gradient and got a nice atmosphere that i felt was what I was looking for.

This is the final I had to adjust some things in the end and there is a lot that could be worked on this piece but overall I'm pleased with what turned out!

Stay tuned for my last project for this class and then it's on to the next semester! Till then!

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