Thursday, October 2, 2014

Zbrush and Art Galore!

Hello everyone!
In today's update I bring to you several new pieces along with my progress in Zbrush! I'm still new to it but hopefully I'll be able to master it and make some kickass stuff but anyway here you go!

This was my second assignment in class for ill and i decided to try a different approach that try something new i wanted to create a stained glass spot illustration of an Archangel. The first 3 are thumbnails and the fourth is the final piece. 

The next piece is something i created in my spare time :) I did a study of an jade ball and with some time to spare i added a lil spirit to inhabit the stone. I really liked how this turned out and I'm thinking of messing with it in After Effects soon.

And lastly for the Illustration side this is my 3rd piece in class at school of an undiscovered temple where an adventurer finds a golden buddha holding a....burger? haha well the assignment was weird for sure but i made it work.

But enough of that! Time for the showcase of Zbrush! Behold! 

Now this is just me messing around for the first time ever and it was very fun!

Now the next one was something we had to do where we come up with a head study then implement it into Zbrush and having to think about the size and details was more difficult then just doing whatever in the moment. First the sketch!

Now this is a bit of the start of it before it started crashing on me but i got it all worked out :)

And here is the final!

Hope you all enjoyed this and look forward to my next post! Cheers!