Monday, May 12, 2014

Super Mega Upload

Hello everyone! it's been a while since i last posted in this blog. I have a lot of new stuff to share and can't wait for you all to read and view it. It's been crazy since my last post, mainly because I'm now interning at Project Tri-Force here in NYC :D. I was shocked when they wanted me to come work for them so I can't wait to share what i'm allowed to with you all. But anyways back to the work :) 

This was rough but I gained a lot of experience from it and I'll start with my work in Illustration Class:

First project up and running was my haunted dryad concept, I wanted to make a character that had an eerie feeling to it but still beautiful. The background of this character was that she would lure prey into her lair and then suck the nutrients out of them leaving them hollow husks of themselves.


Splash Art

Next up was a piece that required us to take a story an depict a scene out of it. I choose Eragon when he awakes to see Saphira perched on his bedpost bathed in the sunlight. Eragon has always been a big influence on me ever since i was in 5th grade.

Up then was a two page comic strip of whatever we wanted. It's been a while since I visited my saga of Kendrik so i wanted to give him a bit of love with a scene where he gets into some trouble. I wanted to try some new style in pencil, trying out how some of my favorite artist treat the pages before putting them in color. Still needs some adjustments but i really like how its coming so far.

                                              page 1                                                    page2

And finally is of me riding atop a giant otter exploring the world. Need I say more?

Visual Development Class:

So if you read my last post about the Mimic story its progressed through the time at Ringling. With a color script, GIF, and lastly a 2 minute movie! enjoy :)

For the Color Script I choose the idea of when Darius is attacked by the mimic in the Valley of Derichi. 

Idea 1

Idea 2

Idea 3


Next up is the Gif. The plan was to make a 15 - 30 sec gif of a scene in our story then later using it to build on a longer scene as our final projects. My idea was to use the intro to the story where the Queen is giving her speech the the people and the raven enters the kingdom.

This the final video of the intro scene. It took a lot of work but hopefully it turned out decent :) Enjoy.

The res is pretty bad, for a clearer image go to: