Monday, March 25, 2013

Vedoril Character Design

Hello everyone today's post is about a character design I did. I present to you Vedoril the Hunter a demigod in my world I work on and again. 

This was very fun for me to do because I got to try out a bunch of new things and this is kind of my first character sheet ever. I found some things challenging but  was able to push past them and it came out better than i thought. (hand hurt after though)

First I started out small and did several little sketches as to what this demigod may look like. Then moved on to a general design of what I wanted along with head studies armor and weapons, etc.

Scanning the sketches then applying them to photoshop i laid out the ones i wanted and moved to value  studies. i had some trouble later on the layout, It felt too squished so I moved to this...

I felt I had a better deign flow here and more space to add more stuff within reason. I then worked on color studies and that's when my road blocks started happening. I couldn't decide on what color best suited him so I had to look up hawk pictures and try different color schemes and I got three that might be suitable for Vedoril. 

Then I moved on to the weapons and his shoulder pads. These were one of most fun things to paint in photoshop and learned a useful technique in painting armor and metal fittings. By simply using the lasso tool I created a simple shape then used the gradient tool to provide a nice way to reflect the metal. After that is was just a simple changes using the round brush to define some hard edges.

Finally I worked on the demigod himself. His final design ended me combining all the color schemes and changing his armor a little bit such the collar part instead of the armor piece jutting up. I used the same technique on his armor as I did with the shoulders and bow and used simple strokes here and there for his clothes.

I did have trouble with his arms and deciding skin tones. I'm a little iffy right now about them so I might do a revision later on this character. Overall this was a lot of fun to do and will defiantly be doing more!
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Plethora of Paintings

Time for another oil painting dump. I'm starting to finally get this stuff. :) 

Friday, March 1, 2013


Line artwork of a scene with Kendrik and a new face to be revealed later. Tried coloring it but failed horribly gonna try again later when i have enough sleep -.-