Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Creature Design - Visual Development

In this post I present the creature design! In our class we were given a specific animal and were directed to make it not look like it. My animal was the spinosuarus, to begin the process we started out with 15 silhouettes, to which one was selected.

Then after the selected silhouette we moved on to rough sketches and color roughs. I decided to to make my creature look a bunch different ways i used different animals a rhino, tiger, and a dragon. The tiger one i had the most difficultly with.

Rhino version

Tiger version


The Purple Dragon one was the most desired and after that was selected we took a new route. Instead of making a turnaround we were to make the skeletal and muscle blueprints of the creature showing how the creature functions.

Then it was on to the final where we made a final design of the creature I tried a new method of painting of the creature. It was very helpful which I shall be practicing more. The link can be found here: I then gave the creature a name my idea for him is like a raid boss of mini boss in which the hero faces off with.

Hope you enjoyed this project can't wait to post the next one!

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