Friday, September 20, 2013

Vehicle Design - Visual Development

Well here is the next project we finished in my Visual Development class. Our assignment was to come up with 3 vehicles - Assualt, Scout, and Repair Vehicle. These vehicles had to be in the same universe as our story for the characters we made int the previous project. The process was the same, Silhouettes, roughs, etc. For my designs I made most of them animal or animal-like. We also had to use one word related to our vehicles I was given the word Bioluminescence.

Scouting Vehicle Rough:
my idea was to have a lizard type scouting vehicle to climb up trees and blend into its environment.

Repair Vehicle Rough:
This is my Repair vehicle, my idea was to have a frog/toad type repair vehicle where a merchant would sell potions and items that would aid heroes and animal vehicles on their journey. 

Assault Vehicle Rough:
This was the only mechanical one i made. The design was model after a beetle that was used as a siege weapon, my plans for it was to design it much like the way I designed Krex in my story.

Next of course is the color studies of the decided sketch.

Scouting Vehicle Color

Repair Vehicle Color

Assault Vehicle Color

And finally the decided vehicle that gets the full turnaround and rendered version enjoy! 

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