Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Mimic - Characters, Props & Environments!

Welcome back everyone it's been a crazy four weeks of school already and i have a lot to show you! Behold! 

So a little bit of backstory: In my Visual Development Class we were assigned to listen to several radio shows from the 1920's and pick from one of them. I choose a story called "The Mimic", A sci-fi story of an alien posing a regular human infecting other humans and becoming part of it. 

In the class we could take these stories and twist to our own design. Here is mine:

            Ambassador Darius, Envoy of the Dwarven Trade Guild, arrives to meet Queen Rebecca, Ruler of the Middle provinces of Humans and personal friend of Darius. However Darias does not seem to be himself when meeting Rebecca, Thus in turn Rebecca asks her right hand man, Tyrin to investigate. When Tyrin does he finds out Darius has been infected by the Mimic along his travels and a scuffle breaks out and Tyrin is taken by the mimic. When he retursn to Rebecca he also infects her and the Mimic, realizing what a powerful figure it has absorbed, plots it next step in infecting the world…

Lets start with the characters I had to make four complete characters, a man, a women, a supporting character, and a creature.


Rough line work

Color Studies

Final (Before Critique)

Revision After Class Critique 

Next up is Props. We had to make at least 3-4 final Props to use in our story. This one we had to skip process in class and just dive head first into this one. 


Final Props: I choose to focus on The Queen's Crown, Tyrin's Sword and Sheathe, and Darius's Backpack.

Last up is the Environment.



Value Render

Color Studies

Final Value

Final: The Valley of Derichi

I hope you all enjoyed this and leave a comment below and share your thoughts! More to come on this new story!

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